Martinsville Real Market Improves by 8 Percent in 2012


The Martinsville real estate market saw several statistical improvements in 2012 compared to 2011, even if the extent of these improvements was smaller compared to those of other nearby towns and cities in the Central Indiana area. While most Central Indiana markets underwent a decrease in the number of homes for sale in 2012 compared […]

Martinsville Home Sales Rise 48 Percent in October, 2012


The Martinsville real estate market made significant strides in October, 2012. What was especially surprising about the latest improvements is that they come at a time of year that is normally associated with a seasonally-induced slow-down in market activity. Starting with sales, a total of 37 closings took place in October, up 48 percent versus […]

Martinsville Home Sales Rise 10.7 Percent in June, 2012


After hitting a 15-month low of 222 in January, 2012, the total number of Martinsville homes listed for sale continued to rise for the 4th consecutive month, most recently hitting a total of 280 in June, 2012. This was no doubt a concern to anyone trying to sell a home, since it represents even more […]

Martinsville Average Time on Market Cut Nearly in Half in May, 2012

The Martinsville real estate market saw a significant, 44.4-percent increase in sales, as a total of 26 closings took place in May of 2012 compared to the previous month’s total of just 18. The only downside to this stat is the fact that it is a 3.7-percent decrease compared to May of 2011. That said, […]

Fewer Homes on Martinsville Real Estate Market in January, 2012

An especially positive development was that there was just 222 homes for sale in Martinsville, or 6.3 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 237. Compared to January of 2011, however, this actually represents a 1.4-percent increase. By contrast, real estate for sale in Indianapolis fell 2.4 percent versus the previous month and […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Report for December, 2011

While there was 8.4 percent less real estate for sale in Indianapolis in December compared to the previous month the decrease was less pronounced in Martinsville Indiana, as a total of 237 listings were still on the market, or 4 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 247. Compared to last December’s total […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Report for November, 2011

While there were 4.1 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis, IN the Martinsville real estate market saw a slightly greater decrease of 5 percent. November’s total of 247 Martinsville listings was also down 2 percent versus this same month in 2010. Also, there were on average just 260 homes for sale per month in […]

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites in Martinsville, Indiana is handily located just off of Indiana State Highway 37 on the southwestern borders of the city. This hotel in Martinsville lies about equidistant between Bloomington and nearby Indianapolis, and only a few miles due north of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and all its wonders. […]

Best Western Martinsville Inn Hotel

People like the Best Western Inn hotel in Martinsville, Indiana for many reasons. The especially ample rooms are nifty and the amenities are more than you might expect in this fairly small burg, one of the many Indianapolis satellite cities in Central Indiana. Martinsville is less than 30 miles to the southwest of Indy. This […]

Joe W. Kelly: Four Star General from Martinsville

While some famous Martinsville people are Hall of Fame basketball coaches and others are former Indiana governors, only Joe W. Kelly has the honor of being a four star general from Martinsville, Indiana. A United States Air Force general, flight instructor, B-26 bomb group commander, and pioneer of the transition to jet aircraft, Joe W. […]

Jerry Sichting: Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer from Martinsville

Though not an Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame coach like his fellow Martinsville notables John Wooden and Glenn Curtis, Jerry Sichting is yet another purveyor of hoops from the small Hoosier town of Martinsville, Indiana. A former Purdue Boilermaker and NBA player, Jerry Sichting has done his city proud both on and off the court. […]

Paul McNutt: 34th Governor of Indiana and Martinsville Resident

Along with Emmett Forrest Branch, Paul McNutt is one of two famous Martinsville residents to become the Governor of Indiana. McNutt’s term spanned from 1933 to 1937, when he was succeeded by his former Lieutenant Governor, M. Clifford Townsend. A former military man, American Legion spokesperson, and professor of law, Paul McNutt was a Democrat […]

Glenn Curtis: Champion of Martinsville High School Basketball

Basketball is clearly the Hoosier sport of choice. Anybody who has spent any time in Indiana knows this to be true; hoops fever is everywhere in Indiana, from the largest Indiana high school gyms to the smallest backyard courts. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the hometown legends of Martinsville, Indiana […]

Richard Bray: Indiana State Senator from Martinsville

Joining the ranks of politicians from Martinsville, Indiana (a list that includes two Indiana governors) is Indiana Senator Richard Bray, a long term political leader who is no stranger to public office. Born in March of 1931 in Martinsville, Richard Bray is a lifelong Hoosier, military veteran, and family man who still practices law in […]