Fewer Homes on Martinsville Real Estate Market in January, 2012

An especially positive development was that there was just 222 homes for sale in Martinsville, or 6.3 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 237. Compared to January of 2011, however, this actually represents a 1.4-percent increase. By contrast, real estate for sale in Indianapolis fell 2.4 percent versus the previous month and […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Report for December, 2011

While there was 8.4 percent less real estate for sale in Indianapolis in December compared to the previous month the decrease was less pronounced in Martinsville Indiana, as a total of 237 listings were still on the market, or 4 percent fewer, compared to the previous month’s total of 247. Compared to last December’s total […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Report for November, 2011

While there were 4.1 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis, IN the Martinsville real estate market saw a slightly greater decrease of 5 percent. November’s total of 247 Martinsville listings was also down 2 percent versus this same month in 2010. Also, there were on average just 260 homes for sale per month in […]

Martinsville Pending Sales Continue Slide in June, 2010

If there was anything redeeming about the fact that total pending sales in Martinsville, Indiana decreased 28.6 percent in June, 2010 it had to be the fact that it was not as large as the 45-percent decrease that occurred in May, when 22 pending transactions vacated the pipeline. In June, there were 28 pending sales […]

Martinsville Real Estate Inventory Up as Sales Fall in May, 2010

While there were more homes for sale there were fewer actual sales in Martinsville, Indiana in May, 2010. While this is a good statistical combination if you’re a buyer, it’s probably not such a good one for sellers. The total number of Martinsville homes for sale rose 1.4 percent, from 296 listings in April to […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Rumbles Ahead in April

Since falling into the gutter with just 13 sales in January of 2010, Martinsville home sales have continued on a more or less linear path of improvement, rising from 14 sales in February to 22 in March, and most recently, to 31 in April. This is a remarkable 120-percent improvement since January and a 40.9-percent […]

Martinsville Real Estate Market Continues Rise from Winter Doldrums

The Martinsville real estate market continued its rise from the winter doldrums with increases in two key metrics: homes sales and pending sales. There was a 34.8-percent increase in the number of pending sales, with 31 in March versus 14 in February. Pending sales were up as well compared to this same time a year […]

Martinsville Real Estate Report

Unlike a majority of other Central Indiana cities the total number of homes sold in Martinsville, Indiana did not increase with the onset of spring, but instead held steady at 13.  This, however, doesn’t take into account the significant jump in the total number of pending transactions from 14 in January to 25 in February– […]