Paintball Indiana: Fast, Fearsome Fun for All Age

Paintball Indiana is the paintball facility servicing all of the greater Southside Indianapolis area in Central Indiana. With twenty acres of outdoor paintball fields, Paintball Indiana has been around since 1994, a year not too far distant from the game’s original inception. Martinsville children of all ages share this fun venue with tons of other Indiana children and adults alike from nearby Avon, Danville, Beech Grove, Plainfield, Greenwood, Bloomington and Mooresville, just to name a few.

This is the largest paintball field in greater Indianapolis. Paintball Indiana offers several different game areas and an Event Host, which is a staff member who helps you and your group understand and enjoy every heart-palpitating second of your stay with them. All the equipment you and your team needs for playing paintball is provided for you by your Event Host, and he will explain the rules, how to play and exactly how to use the equipment.

Paintball Indiana play includes these fun pieces of specialized equipment for each member of your group:

Paintball Marker: This is a semi-automatic “Tippmann” model that holds about 200 paintballs.
Paintball Mask: Its use is mandatory, but it also makes you look much more fearsome.
Compressed Air Tank: This attaches to the back of your gun and is the force that launches the paintballs at your targets.
Ammo Pack & Pods: You get about 300 paintballs in your Ammo Pack, and they fit in your super-cool Ammo Belt, also included.

Your Event Host will help you set up the paintball games your group will play, choosing from a variety of venues such as “Capture the Flag,” “Defend the Castle” and “Elimination.” A Paintball Indiana outing is perfect for youth groups, birthday parties, bachelor parties and corporate gatherings.

On the weekends, walk-on sessions are available for individual players. Competitive play and private sessions are available for groups. Paintball is getting so popular there are now leagues and organized practices for teams. Staff members serve as referees during your games.

First-time paintball newbie or experienced player? You can be sure your Paintball Indiana experience will be memorable, safe and, above all, fun.

Paintball Indiana
Shelton Rd & IN-65
Martinsville,IN 46151

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Paintball Indiana is a principle Martinsville attraction.

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