Paintball Indiana: Fast, Fearsome Fun for All Age

Paintball Indiana is the paintball facility servicing all of the greater Southside Indianapolis area in Central Indiana. With twenty acres of outdoor paintball fields, Paintball Indiana has been around since 1994, a year not too far distant from the game’s original inception. Martinsville children of all ages share this fun venue with tons of other […]

Antique Hunting: Finding the Treasures of Martinsville

Antique hunting in Martinsville, Indiana has become a favorite pastime for antique lovers from other nearby cities in Indiana, as well as the locals. It’s become something of a standard practice, for example, for Hoosiers from all around the area, even neighboring Indianapolis, to come for one of the Martinsville festivals such as the Fall […]

Morgan-Monroe State Forest: Glory and Hardwoods in Martinsville, Indiana

The Morgan-Monroe State Forest resides on the southern edge of Martinsville, Indiana and spans the Morgan and Monroe counties. This vast expanse of natural beauty consists of 24,000 acres, making it the second-largest Indiana state forest. The Morgan-Monroe State Forest was created in 1929 by the state. Its rocky soil was poor for agriculture and […]