Martinsville Business

Martinsville business has seen many waves of ebb and flow through the generations since the city was founded in central Indiana, just to the southwest of Indianapolis.

Some important industries that kept Martinsville, Indiana afloat over the generations were the grain, pork, mills, distilleries, barrel builders and tannery companies during the first half of the 1800’s. Later, the town became a famous gathering place for those who believed in the healing powers of its many mineral water spas, though that industry finally faded away in the late 1900’s, usurped by the use of antibiotics.

One of top Martinsville businesses, successful from the city’s inception to the present day, is its fisheries. The northern edge of the town is built alongside the White River, and its citizens have long since taken advantage of that fact, turning swamps into productive fisheries. The Grassyfork Fisheries were the first to flourish there. Several remain today, such as the Clear Creek, Pool and Curtis Fisheries, which now boast world-wide distribution.

The Martinsville goldfish industry is the largest center for goldfish breeding ever developed in the U.S. Started in 1899 as an experiment, these centers remain today, producing an estimated 20,000,000 goldfish per year at just one site.

Other major industries in the area include: Morgan Hospital and Medical Center, Mag, Inc. (an injected molded plastics company), Rogers Block (concrete products), Indiana Gratings, Form-Tec Plastics, Twigg Corporation (aircraft components), Crone Lumber and Harman Becker (automotive and audio speakers).

An important contributor to Martinsville business is thel Bradford Woods School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Though located in Martinsville, it is actually an auxiliary school to Indiana University, and a key part of the Martinsville Parks and Recreation Department. Offering jobs, Martinsville education, research, consulting, and day camps, this center is comprised of experiential learning experts dedicated to the encouragement of growth on all levels in its students.

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