Well-Known and Famous People from Martinsville, Indiana

Martinsville is a smallish suburb of Indianapolis in Central Indiana, one of many similar cities in the United States Midwest that are comparatively young and still finding their way, so to speak. Despite the small size of Martinsville, plenty of recognizable and historically important names have come out of the town once known for its prominent fisheries.

Martinsville’s shining star is its most famous resident, John Wooden, legendary college basketball coach and player. To read more information about this fascinating man and his astonishing successes, click the link on his name in the chart below. But John Wooden isn’t the only name on the list of famous people from Martinsville, Indiana; also included are two governors of Indiana, a four star general, and a basketball coach who also served as the mentor to Martinsville’s brightest star.

Here is a collection of names representing the well-known and famous people from Martinsville, Indiana. Future generations will naturally produce more, in time.

Famous People from Martinsville

Emmett Forrest Branch – Far from the only political figure to emerge from Martinsville, Indiana, Emmett Forrest Branch’s reign was perhaps one of the most short lived. He served as the 31st Governor of Indiana from April 30, 1924 to January 12, 1925, a term of less than a year that’s only topped (or bottomed?) by the 13th Governor of Indiana, Crawfordsville‘s Henry Smith Lane.
Richard Bray presently holds a seat in the Indiana State Senate as a Republican representative of the 37th District in Indiana. Bray also served for eighteen years in the Indiana House of Representatives and practices law in his home town of Martinsville.
Glenn Curtis – One of the hometown legends of Martinsville, Indiana is basketball coach Glenn M. Curtis, a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, mentor to John Wooden (another famous Martinsville resident turned legendary basketball coach), and an extraordinarily powerful motivator.
Phil Deckard is the current Mayor of Martinsville, a lifelong Republican.
Paul V. McNutt – A former military man, American Legion spokesperson, and professor of law, Paul McNutt was the 34th Governor of Indiana, a Democrat who governed with force and authority, enacting sweeping reform with the help of a mostly Democratic Senate and House of Representatives.
Jerry Sichting – At 6’1″ and 175 pounds, Jerry Sichting was far from the biggest player on the court. However, he didn’t let his small size stop him from playing professional caliber basketball every season. Like his fellow Martinsville basketball heroes John Wooden and Glenn Curtis, Jerry Sichting also has a place in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.
Joe W. Kelly – A United States Air Force general, flight instructor, B-26 bomb group commander, and pioneer of the transition to jet aircraft, former Martinsville, Indiana resident Joe W. Kelly has served his country well in the air and on the ground.
John Wooden – When it comes to college basketball coaches, there is probably no name more legendary across the boards than that of John Wooden. Born in the one-horse hamlet of Hall, Indiana, John Robert Wooden will remain a legend as long as the game of basketball is played.

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